Inter and Degree IAS

When should the aspirants begin their preparation for Civils?

No auspicious time for a good work!

THIS is the best time to plan for a career and to begin with for the preparation. You are at the threshold of entering the vast empire of career building. Unless you plan it properly you may be struck up at the bottom. New life starts with career . Every thing including family life, social life, cultural life and professional life starts with career. Status of an individual depends on his career building.

“IAS” is a dream for many , a passion for some and a way of life for a few. It makes you a PATRIOT. In the lighter vein it turns you a celebrity and legend overnight for a life time. But many people do not know – What , Why, Where, Who, Why and How of civil service exam i.e. the gateway to become IAS / IPS / IRS / IFS officer.

Civil Service exam is a common exam which gives you an opportunity to join any of the two All India Services(IAS/IPS) and 25 other Central Services (IRS/ IFS/ Railway services ) etc.This exam makes you to enter the executive services in the country. You will be posted in the policy making and execution posts. The posts may be ranging from District collector to Cabinet secretary and from a district SP to DGP of the state.

Normally aspirants start their preparation for Civil Services exam after their graduation or post graduation at around 22-23 years of age. It takes about 1-2 years to get proper understanding of the subject and examination pattern. By the time they may lose their spirit or succeed at the late ages of 20’s.

However, if they decide on Civils as a career at an early stage while in Intermediate or Degree, it helps them to succeed in the Civil Services Exam in their first attempt so that they enter the services at a young age of 21-22 years, they will enjoy longer tenure in the topmost positions like Cabinet Secretary, Home Secretary, Chief Secretary, Director General of Police, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax and other such top posts.

To achieve this objective, for the first time in the country was established to groom young minds by providing integrated Civils coaching along with intermediate & degree education. The Academy also offers one year intensive Civil services coaching for graduates and postgraduates.

The role of coaching for success in Civil Services exam

The Civil Services exam not only focuses on academic knowledge but also on the overall understanding of the society and finding solutions for contemporary problems. It is very important to get proper guidance from experts to achieve success. Coaching helps you to reach your goal in the right way and in a systematic and timely manner. The precise study material prepared by subject experts, focusing on priority areas from examination point of view in classroom teaching, regular model examinations on UPSC pattern will enormously help the students. In addition, the student can find intellectual, like minded co-aspirants in the institute to have constructive group discussions to broaden their subject knowledge and understanding. The student who receives proper guidance by choosing the right institute is assured of success in Civils. There are certain myths about the Civils preparation which prevents the candidate from preparing for the civil service exam.

There are certain myths about the Civils preparation which prevents the candidate from preparing for the civil service exam.

The top 5 Myths about Civil Service Exam:

S.NO Myths Reality
1 One need to be extra ordinary intelligent to prepare for civil service exam UPSC tests only general intelligence levels. The UPSC annual reports shows that those who are getting selected are not extra ordinary but only average persons
2 one has to prepare for atleast 18 hours a day No human being can read for 18 hours a day. Successful people generally prepared only for 6 to 8 hours a day with reasonable breaks that too in the year of exam. If you start preparation early, you may begin with 2 hours of preparation.
3 One has to have post graduation for the civil service preparation. UPSC annual reports shows that 80% of the successful candidates are just graduates.
4 One has to be a rich person to prepare for IAS It is not an eligibility criterion. 70% of the candidates who are cracking IAS are from middle class and poor family back grounds.
5 It takes ateleast 3 attempts to crack Civils It depends on how you prepared. The strategic preparation can help the candidates to crack IAS in the first attempt only.

Career Master

THIS INTER+DEGREE = IAS program is primarily a foundation program for IAS preparation. After completion of the graduation, you can appear for the civil services examination. This foundation course will be useful in multi dimensional way.

We offer specialized training in which we teach the skills that are needed by you in your career-journey and help you choose your profession.

Our Mission is to enhance your ability to enable you to deal with the exams, interviews and showcase your competency to be result oriented.

Excellence in the profession requires individuals to examine and understand the pattern of qualifying exams and interviews.

Our CAREER MASTER enables individuals to develop the required self awareness, mental flexibility , emotional well being to achieve excellenc in IAS, IPS, IRS, SI and BANK exams etc. and in any Public or Private sector.

The methodology of the training is comprehensive and concentrate on specific practical and implementable knowledge.

We focus on building you personal awareness framework through FIVE-FORMULA subjects- that includes

  • Aptitude and Reasoning
  • English Language Skills( both written and spoken)
  • General Awareness
  • Basic of General studies
  • Training in Soft Skills

Aptitude and Reasoning

An Aptitude test evaluates the ability to perform a certain tasks with no prior Knowledge. It includes Numerical Tests, verbal tests, deductive reasoning tests, inductive reasoning and so on. Reasoning tests the logical knowledge of the candidate. It includes coding- decoding, making judgments, ven diagrams and arravement of word.

Aptitude and reasoning are most important areas in CAT, MAT, G MAT etc.

General English Language Skills.

We know the role of English in our lives now a days . Basic English Grammer includes Tenses, Voice, Parts of speech, Articles’, Direct and indirect Speech etc are essential to achieve in any exam.

Vocabulary, usage, correction of sentences, Antonyms, Synonyms are inevitable in addition.

General Awareness

IT means knowledge about the present happenings; General Awareness and current Affairs form an important and inevitable part & exam. General Knowledge cannot be attained overnight. We teach the student on national and international events with socio, economic, political and historical background.

Basic of General studies

In all competitive exams, General studies play a vital role. It includes science, History, Economy, Geography and Indian constitution. We teach basics of there studies . It also covers like

  • How to read News paper
  • Conceptual clarity
  • Concepts of Indian society
  • Ethics and morals

Soft skills

We need not to reiterate the significance of personality Development course among the youth.

We have meticulously designed a 5 day course in this regard- named “Selfie”.

Selfie- A unique Personality Development Program.

Selfie- Reinvent and Redesign.

There is nothing more unique then you in this world.

Rediscover your talents and abilities through this amazing life skills program.