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Please remember that mains is very much important in deciding your rank, hence you should not take any chance. Remember that this exam needs constant hard work and consistent preperation over a period of time. So be a hardworking and a consistently smart-working candidate. Be honest to your inner conscience and always remind yourself that you are doing all this hard work for the benefit of the people of our country.

Mains preparation is an integrated preparation and a cyclical preparation of preliminary to mains to interview is needed.
Here is the comprehensive strategy for mains.
First know the nature, scope and general trend of mains exam.
(i) In the GS papers, ensuring highest score is comparatively a little bit of difficult task.
(ii) Scoring good marks in essay paper is achievable even though little bit of difficult is involved.
(iii)Scoring high marks in the optional subjects is one of the deciding factors in getting below 100th rank in the mains exam.
That doesn’t mean, you should rely on only on optional subject, and ignore the GS and essay.


The UPSC has revised the pattern of Civil Services Main examination from 2016.
Now there are 7 + 2 = 9 papers to be answered in the main examination. All of them are of descriptive type. There are two qualifying papers 1) any modern Indian language of 300 marks 2) The English Language paper of 300 marks. The marks of these two papers will not be counted in the merit list of the main examination.
The aspirant is allowed to pick any one language from the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution or English as the medium for writing the mains examination.
According to the new pattern in the UPSC syllabus, there are “FOUR” General Studies papers- each comprising of 250 Marks with a total of 1000 Marks which are common to all and compulsory. The standard of the syllabus of General Studies papers are of degree level.

There is only “ONE” optional subject to choose from the list of subjects. It comprises of two papers each of 250 marks. So the optional paper has total 500 marks. Candidate is allowed to take up literature as an optional subject “without the condition of having the same at graduation level.” The scope of the syllabus of optional paper is higher than the bachelor’s degree but lower than the master’s level.
Interview/Personality Test is of 275 Marks. Candidate can give preference of the language in which they may like to be interviewed. UPSC will make arrangement for the translators / interpreters.
The total marks of the written examination is 1750 Marks.
The Interview/Personality Test will be of 275 marks.

The Grand Total 2025 Marks